About Iris Recognition

Iris biometric recognition is an extremely fast and accurate automated method of biometric identification. Using of monochromatic high-resolution digital image, to extract a person's iris unique pattern, and search for a unique matched ID, using advanced numerical pattern-recognition algorithm.

Iris biometric recognition is the most accurate biometric identification system, among today's commercially available biometric solutions. An Iris image taken at the age of 12 months, will last for entire Lifetime, without the need of data refreshing or double verification method, such as PIN code or Plastic Card.  

Unlike Finger Print with False Acceptance Ration of 1/10,000 or Face Recognition with False Acceptance Ration of 1/1000, the Iris recognition has False Acceptance Ration of 0.00009%, or 1/10,000,000 (10 millions) on single eye only, or partially zero False Acceptance of person's both eyes.

The Iris Recognition's Matching technology is still the only available Biometric patterning which employs a numeric comparison algorithm, allowing the search of over a million records, of match patterns, in less than a second.

Several countries across the globe have deployed Iris biometric systems for automated cross border activities and creating national IDs for the people, the development sliced waiting times while improving national security. Security agencies are using the technology to verify the identity of the people immigrating into their countries.

Iris biometric finds major applications in end-use sectors such as government, defense, immigration, banking, finance, consumer electronics, healthcare, home and commercial security among others.

Additionally, smartphone manufacturers are seeing interest in using iris biometric scanning for improving the safety standards. For instance, Samsung is working a development for using iris biometric scanning solution for their high-end mobile phone segment.