License Free Wireless Intercom Systems

Goldtec Technologies offers a License Free
Wireless Intercom Systems, Based on License
Free 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b WLAN technology
with expanded coverage - using BTR-240's as
an access points. The system incorporates a
Multi-level security and audio encryption system,
with ClearScan channel selection.

The BTR-240 Base unit comes with 2-wire
and 4-wire intercom interface. The system
supports two (2) independent or simultaneous
audio channels, and a use Easy-to-read LCD
indicates system status. The BTR-240 can use
Multiple antenna options and accessories. 

TR-240 Beltpacks operates wired or wireless
and may function as an accesspoint as well.
In addition, it has a durable ABS construction.
The TR-240 is operated by removable Li-Ion
batteries with wide a temperature range and
with up to eight (8) hours of operation. It can also
work with Electret or Dynamic microphones
using an Auto-select system.  

The system operates with eight (8) full-duplex
beltpacks and virtually unlimited number of
half-duplex beltpacks.

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