RFID Storage Systems

Marketed by Goldtec Technologies, the CribMaster Inventory Management System is designed to manage tools, MRO, indirect materials and other mobile assets. The management of tools, spare parts, MRO items, PPE inventory and other types of indirect material through our robust inventory control software can provide immediate and long-term cost savings. 

The extensive line of point-of-use and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices), include a widely used automated  tool crib, which offers total tool tracking and industrial tool vending solutions for any size business.

The CribMaster inventory management system also performs as preventive maintenance software with an available CMMS system add-on. The  CribMaster solution begins with the most powerful tool control software application available for managing indirect material. The robust application will support almost every imaginable process related to tools, MRO, PPE, and other indirect material.  

With a streamlined inventory management system, your business will finally be able to operate at  maximum efficiency. You’ll also be able to identify new cost-saving opportunities and virtually eliminate problems  associated with tool overuse, misplacement, and even theft. By providing more than 190  standard reports, the inventory tracking system ensures you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to the whereabouts of your company’s tools. 

The Inventory Management System include benefits such as:

  • CM data warehouse for multi-facility functionality
  • Consignment inventory monitoring for integrated supply accounts
  • Common item number system to maintain data integrity
  • Inventory and order optimization
  • Extensive purchasing features
  • Red flag budget monitoring
  • Indirect material supply chain management
  • Alerts to notify of critical stock levels
  • Ability to work with CM scanners to provide mobility
  • Extensive security and item limit features
  • Client, server, and CM online models
  • Cost accounting by multiple user-defined cost centers
  • Preventive maintenance add-on to the inventory system
  • And much, much more