Correctional Facility Monitoring Systems

Goldtec developed, integrated and successfully deployed an Inmate Tracking System.   The system enables the staff of the correctional facility to count, locate and track the inmates and guards around the clock. 

The system display, track and record the location of each inmate and staff. The data can be retrieved and analyzed when needed.  

The System counts the inmates at the facility every few seconds reducing the number of counts to be conducted by the staff, freeing the staff to their other assignments.

The system provide alerts, in real time, for pre-defined events: 

  • Tampering with the tag
  • Arrival to a forbidden location.
  • Out Of Sight (possible escape)
  • Too many inmates in a location and many others.

Staff members are equipped with a Tag with a "Panic Button" which is used in case of emergency.     

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