High Power Search Lights

Goldtec is the Israeli distributer of the top high power search lights manufacturers in the world. The high power search lights manufacturers we represent in Israel are: 

Maxa Beam: A high intensity, long-range searchlight with an unparalleled output of 12,000,000 Peak Beam  Candle Power. The Maxa Beam Searchlights are used for search and rescue,surveillance, perimeter security, and non-lethal escalation of force operations and has been battle-tested by the United States Armed Forces and numerous  government agencies for over twenty years.

Francis Searchlights: Have designed and manufactured  innovative, high quality and competitive lighting products since 1901. The Company has achieved a worldwide reputation of the highest standard.

From the purpose built 18,000 sq ft factory premises in Bolton, United Kingdom, the innovative products are developed and manufactured, and include; marine searchlights, vehicle lighting, security and architectural units.

ABL Lights Group: One of the world's  leading manufacturers of work, drive and auxiliary lights. With a dedicated  strive to offer the best solution to all exterior lighting needs, they have become one of the Major suppliers of Halogen and Xenon HID to many of the world's premier original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Trakkabeam searchlights: Are used in a wide  variety of military, law enforcement, security industries, airborne surveillance, harbor and border patrol, infrastructure protection, as well as maritime, commercial and industrial applications. All Trakkabeam searchlights feature the latest in optical design. Utilizing a xenon lamp which requires about half the power of traditional searchlights, Trakkabeam’s unique optical system creates a uniform beam without the bright hot-spot at tight  focus as well as the black hole in the beam center and wider viewing angles–resulting in fewer lost targets.  

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