Portable X-Ray Systems

The X Pro series of new radiographic products for non-destructive testing (NDT) by Vidisco encompasses research and development especially targeted at NDT  applications. The digital radiology systems are used in many NDT applications worldwide. With three sizes of flat DDA imagers available, the advanced NDT testing  equipment has been developed to meet the professional needs of the NDT operator.

Advanced NDT methods are a must in the field because the technician requires the highest quality of digital radiology imaging combined with speed, safety and cost effectiveness for professional analysis. Vidisco offers advanced NDT methods using portable and wireless radiography inspection systems operated on batteries, enabling the creation of clear X-ray images upon request alongside onsite analysis software tools.


Pipes: Portable digital Radiography can significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of pipe NDT routine checkups. NDT  procedures can be exactly and easily repeated. Penetration capabilities ensure
immediate and high quality results with no need for repositioning.

Shipyards: Portable Digital Radiography systems are required for super fast welding NDT on a large scale. NDT procedures need to be repeated   correctly hundreds of times. Immediate high qualityimaging and systematic documentation and information saving functions ensure highly efficient inspection. 

Aerospace: Aerospace and aviation require extensive use of non destructive testing.  Digital Radiography ensures the highest image quality and facilitates the detection of tiniest details. 
Art: Discreet inspection and minimal moving of a priceless object are important facts in art NDT, which make portable digital radiography systems the perfect solution for this NDT application.    

Casting: Casting quality control processes require X-ray inspection in order to see inside the casted item. Digital portable radiography can reveal the smallest of bubbles or cracks even before the item leaves the factory.

Construction: Digital portable radiography systems enable highest quality NDT X-ray on a construction site in difficult conditions. 

Power: Testing electric power line for cable wear can be a challenging task as such lines are usually located on tall poles. A portable digital radiography system designed for field NDT enables conducting the tests with ease.