RFID Management Software

Marketed by Goldtec Technologies, The Vizbee generic platform is a comprehensive, fully integrated solution, including all RFID  software and hardware, such as tags, receivers, exciters and repeaters.   It can monitor in real-time thousands of tags (people or assets) their presence, location, as well as other parameters, such as movement, tampering, verticality, temperature, humidity and more.  

Vizbee’s parameter-driven platform enables quick and easy implementation of RFID projects – for any size application.  

Centered on a generic core, where parameters are adjusted or modified, you can quickly and cost- ffectively deploy RFID applications in a fraction of the time of today’s complex application specific systems– with no need for hardware integration.


  • Asset/personnel protection
  • Asset/personnel location
  • Security guard tracking
  • Intrusion protection 
  • Perimeter protection
  • Logistics
  • Retail
The Vizbee generic RFID platform was designed with the user in mind.  
The intuitive multi-lingual human interface is map-driven, and gives a comprehensive visual overview of system status at any point in time. Most actions are performed from the main screen with one click of a button. 

The Vizbee generic RFID platform has an open architecture. The platform includes an SDK and sophisticated bi-directional  APIs for seamless, interactive integration with all types of complementary systems, such as video surveillance systems, video analytics, access control, intrusion, fire, sound systems, marketing watch, email, SMS and more.  

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