RFID Refrigerators and Freezers

Terso Solutions, via Goldtec Technologies, provides automated inventory management solutions for tracking high-value medical and scientific products in healthcare and life science. Terso have deployed over 1,000 RFID-enabled cabinets, freezers and refrigerators around the world.

Terso's inventory management solution integrates RFID enabled Intelligent Enclosures with Global  Inventory Visibility and 24/7 Proactive Support to effectively monitor product inventory any time of the day or night.

RFID products:

  • RFID Cabinets: Terso’s RFID enabled cabinets control high value products in healthcare, life science, and clinical trials.
  • RFID Freezers: Automated, temperature monitoring RFID Medical and Lab Freezers.        
  • RFID Refrigerators: Safe, reliable medical and laboratory RFID Refrigerators.

  • RFID FOR MANFUACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS: Keep you products front and center with a fully branded, on-site stocking solution from Terso Solutions, Inc.
  • LABORATORY INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: We understand that science doesn’t work from 9-5. The laboratory inventory management solution is an efficient, 24/7 system for managing high-value scientific products.
  • HOSPITAL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: The hospital inventory management solution gives you a reliable, cost-effective way to manage your high-value medical and surgical inventory. 
  • CONSIGNMENT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: RFID Storage Solutions from Terso can automate your consignment  inventory processes, saving time and money while improving security.