Health Care and Medical Inventory Management Solutions

Knowing the "approximate" location of your patients, staff, or equipment isn't good enough. Any RTLS based hospital application requires accurate data input in order to meet the end-user's expectations, and Goldtec Technologies provide such technology. 

By trying to find the best technology for hospitals; RTLS, RF IR and Ultrasound technologies were evaluated, and Ultrasound was selected for these core  reasons:

  • Best room and sub room location accuracy
  • No risk of interference with other electronic equipment
  • No line of sight requirement
  • Network friendly, low bandwidth burden
  • Easily and fully scalable

All RTLS use tags attached to equipment, patient wristbands and staff badges that communicate with receivers, which in turn supply location and other data to solution oriented application software.

Different hardware technologies are in use in this field, the most common is based on low accuracy RFID / WI-FI. Ultrasound offers the most reliable location accuracy  for sub-room room or area identified locations.

Equipment Management:

Mobile equipment, such as infusion pumps, portable imaging equipment, wheelchairs, beds And laboratory equipment are tracked and managed.

Both the real time location and the status of the asset can be easily monitored through the use Of RTLS tags and visualization software.

Emergency Room Efficiency:

ER workflow is enhanced by tracking patients and mobile resources throughout the ER visit. 
Waiting times are reduced, and utilization of limited resources (beds, treatment rooms etc) is enhanced.

Workflows are better managed, costs are lowered, and significant financial returns are realized.

Ambulance diversions and patient elopements are minimized or eliminated.

Surgery Department Throughput:

The surgery department is continually adjusting schedules to deal with emergencies, cancellations, and
surgeries that run long.

By employing RTLS in both the preoperative areas and the operating rooms, the facility’s surgical schedule can be automatically updated.

All stakeholders, including family members can automatically and in real time be updated about the patient progress through the OR process.

OR utilization and throughput can be greatly enhanced, producing significant financial return.

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