Laser Sensors

Laser Sensors:

ibeo are the world's technology leader for driver assistance systems using laser scanners.
ibeo scanners meet maximum technical requirements and the demand for greater safety and comfort for road users.

The ibeo LUX laser scanner is a worldwide unique full range sensor for object detection and classification. ibeo LUX supports a variety of applications like ACC Stop & Go, Automatic Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Protection at the same time. Having a single sensor and multiple functions  makes the entire system simple, smart and cost effective.

ibeo LUX key features:

  • Long detection range up to 200 m/ 650 ft 
  • Multiple echo detection for excellent performance under all weather conditions
  • Embedded data (pre-)processing
  • Multiple layers for pitching compensation

The ibeo LUX HD (heavy duty) laser scanner is based on the standard ibeo LUX but it is characterized, in particular, by its robustness in heavy dusty environments. The ibeo LUX HD scans and measures simultaneously on 4 parallel layer necessary, for example, to compensate the  rocking movements of a vehicle or to detect slopes. In addition, up to 3 reflections can be detected per measurement and per layer.

ibeo LUX HD key features:

  • Based on the awarded ibeo LUX technology
  • Robust and reliable especially under extreme dusty conditions
  • Embedded data (pre-)processing