Dry Storage Monitoring System

The term of Dry Storage describe a building that was designed to store both military and commercial equipment, such as tanks, airplanes or vehicles. The structures and covering are design to reduce  corrosion, equipment degradation and moisture induced function failure radically in order to maintain operational readiness of the equipments. 

Goldtec’s Solution

Goldtec Technologies Dry Storage Monitoring Suite was designed for real time monitoring, controlling and tracking the equipments.  The system offers programmable RFID multi sensor telemetry tags which contain highly accurate all in one sensors detecting relative humidity (RH), temperature,  voltage, etc.

Each multi sensor tag transmits the telemetry wirelessly in free license frequency (2.4GHz) to the Location Receivers, which are scattered across the sampling area. The Location Receiver is connecting by wire / wireless links to the server in the control center.   

The control center contains MV software which turns asset visibility information which is received from multiple sensor tags into real  business solutions, delivering sophisticated mapping, rules-based alerting and  reporting functions in a scalable, proven software platform. Using the software, developers and end users can apply their own context-based rules and business logic to  visible information, truly leveraging their data for efficient and  intuitive applications in many different industries.

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