Computerized Storage Systems

Supply Point Systems are world leaders in the design and manufacture of secure, point-of-use inventory management systems. Marketed by Goldtec Technologies, the highly automated systems are revolutionizing the way companies and institutions manage and control the delivery critical items at the point-of-use.

Whatever your industry, whatever your company, Supply Point provides substantiated cost savings and increased competitiveness to your business. From two man job-shops to multinational blue-chip conglomerates, Supply Point has provided tangible, proven solutions.

Supply Point inventory control solutions are founded on an integrated, industry proven, hardware and software platform. The unique, modular approach allows creating systems which meet your company's exacting requirements whilst providing the flexibility to adapt with your changing needs. All products are fully compatible and interoperable with clearly defined, cost effective,  upgrade migration paths.

Item Security Solutions

Built on the award winning Supply Point hardware and software platform, your inventory can be automatically controlled to individual items. Advanced features including rationing, restrictions, expiration dates, calibration control and complete rework cycle control, provide you with all the  tools to obtain a best-in-class return on investment. 

Location Security Solutions

Integrated hardware solutions which build on all the benefits of the software only solutions, providing hassle-free access control  to your entire inventory - with minimal capital investment. 


  • Aerospace Manufacturer:  Supply Point is an integral component in the world's renowned aerospace suppliers.
  • Machine Shop: Supply Point quickly and consistently delivers quantifiable savings.
  • Personal Protection Equipment: Supply Point eliminates pilferage and ensures availability.
  • Office: Supply Point dramatically reduces usage of consumables.
  • Medical: Supply Point increases time available for primary patient care.