Marketed by Goldtec Technologies, SYEGON® is a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), That inflates and deflates tires while driving. 

Since 1986, SYEGON® is integrated in thousands of tactical or multi-purpose special vehicles; fielded in numerous countries all over the world. It is intensively used from Mauritania's or Argentina's Off- oad trails during Paris-Dakar Rally Race, to the Iraq's  or Afghanistan's hostile grounds.

Genuinely developed to provide a solution to military demands with respect to safety, reliability and long life-time, SYEGON® is successfully used for civilian applications : Rally-Raid, agriculture, fire-fighting trucks and special vehicles. 

SYEGON® CTIS is the best solution to automatically adapt tyre pressure depending on the vehicle speed, the load (3 levels) and the road nature (4 types).

With the optimisation of the tyre footprint on the ground, SYEGON® increases the vehicle traction power, improving its mobility and consequently increasing passengers' security.

SYEGON® is successful and distinct from other available CTIS due to the fact that it is: 

  • Compliant with all most recent military norms
  • Able to control other items in relation with the vehicle (such as trailers, radar positions, etc.)
  • Able to create specific and customized functions or alarms 
  • Able to make real time tire pressure and temperature measurements

Available in 12Vdc or 24Vdc, SYEGON® main assets are :

  • Tire pressure control WHEEL by WHEEL, up to 5 axles
  • Tire pressure ranges from 0,8 bars (11.6 PSI) up to 10 bars (145 PSI) in warm tires
  • Warning the driver in case of flat tires
  • Pressure loss compensation in case of small leakages
  • Isolation of damaged/flat tires in order to prevent emptying the air tank