Remote Steering Conversion Kits

One of the unique means marketed by Goldtec is Kairos Autonomi’s remote steering conversion kits. The Pronto4™ Agnostic Autonomy System successfully enables optionally unmanned vehicle navigation on the Earth's surface by providing a universal retrofit kit for  existing ground vehicle or surface vessel platforms. This compact, modularly-constructed hardware system is capable of installation anywhere in the field in a four-four-four process — a four-person team can install four backpack-sized modules in four hours. With the Pronto4™, you can have a superior, affordable,   optionally unmanned solution right now.

The simplicity of the Pronto4™ allows any existing vehicle or vessel with a steering wheel to be retrofitted  in the field instead of taking the vehicle out of the field and adapting it in the factory. Also, retrofitting in the field keeps the existing vehicle supply chain in place, leveraging current assets and preventing a replacement of the vehicle. The modular construction of the Pronto4™ permits field component exchange and local storage of auxiliary parts as well. These benefits reduce the total cost of ownership for the vehicle. 

When the Pronto4™ system is installed on a vehicle, it becomes an optionally unmanned, drive-by-wire system  capable of tele-operation or semi-autonomous travel. As such, the unmanned ground vehicle is still available for dual-use in manual mode; all normally  accepted manual driving controls are maintained. If a human operator is sittingbehind the wheel of the Pronto4™ system while it is controlled by a remoteoperator or local computer, simply tapping the brake (just like a cruise  control) will turn control back to the human operator in the Pronto4™ system.

Vehicles retrofitted with the Pronto4™ Agnostic Autonomy System can perform flexible roles in a tele- perational or semi-autonomous mode.

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