One of the important solutions Goldtec Technologies markets in the automotive field is the different RUNFLAT systems.

RUNFLAT insert function: If the tyre becomes deflated (e.g. ambush, natural puncture, etc.), the tyre insert supports the tyre and enables the vehicle to continue its journey until its passengers and contents reach a safe place. In normal driving conditions, while the tyre is fully inflated, the RUNFLAT insert has no effect on the performance or handling of the vehicle.  

In accordance with international standards (FINABEL and USA standard), the Run-Flat insert is operational for up to 50 -100 km driving distance in deflated mode. 
Run-Flat types:

Single-piece wheel dynamic RUNFLAT system

2 or 3 segments bolted around the wheel rim, which remain fixed on the rim when the tyre is fully inflated. It slips anticlockwise to the forward rotation of the tyre and  wheel when the tyre is deflated. 

Multiple-piece wheel static Bead Lock RUNFLAT (BLRF) system

3 segment static system bolted tightly around the wheel rim which remain fixed and keeps the tyre in  place whether inflated or not. Specifically for bolt-on flange (2- PCS) steel or alloy wheels between 16” and 27” in diameter and all tubeless tyre sizes.    

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