Goldtec technologies ltd.  Provides intelligent and flexible solutions for radio interpretability / ROIP (Radio over IP) 

What is ROIP?

ROIP is an enhanced subset of VOIP (Voice over IP) technology that provides an intelligent and flexible method of extending the reach and improving the effectiveness of any type of two-way radio dispatch or data system - VHF, UHF, 800 MHz, analog, digital, conventional, or trunked - by leveraging the power of existing IP networks.

Goldtec is the representative of Telex, which invented an IP-based dispatch technology, and was the first to offer IP-based solutions back in 2001. Telex has more experience and active installations than any other manufacturer—more than 3,000 Telex IP-based consoles are in use every day around the world.

Telex, via Goldtec Technologies, has solutions available for installations of almost any size and application. We have had proven success in public safety, military, industrial, transportation, utility, and education applications. We also offer complementary solutions to enhance the capabilities of existing systems, including:

  • Portable dispatch and interoperability solutions for crisis communications
  • Easy install mobile command center equipment
  • Communications center back-up and redundancy solutions
  • Technology migration solutions that allows agencies to move toward new standards while maximizing their investment in existing technology

  • IP-based dispatch enables effective communications interoperability. Dispatchers can connect and control UHF, VHF, 800Mhz, conventional, trunked, P25, IDEN, satellite, and many other communications platforms.
  • IP-based dispatch can lower overall cost of ownership by simplifying installation, configuration, and maintenance. Telex systems can also help you  replace costly traditional infrastructure like leased lines and even your Central Electronics Bank.
  • IP-based dispatch makes system growth and back-up easy. Your communications system can evolve as your needs changes and as your applications demands.