Goldtec technologies ltd. is a leading provider of
headsets and headphones for more then 20
years. We design and develop a range of
headsets, especially for military and security

In addition to our own line of headsets, we offer
ones made by Telex. Innovative design,  product
durability and performance reliability has kept
Telex Communications a leader in headset
manufacturing for more than fifty years.
Outstanding comfort, critical audio specs and
classic good looks put Telex headsets and
headphones in virtually every communication
field: broadcast and recording studios,
classrooms, aircraft cockpits, sporting events,
theaters, computer and industrial 

Telex offers a wide variety of headset styles to
choose from including lightweight and full 
cushion headsets in either single or dual
sided versions. Goldtec also offers Telex
hearing protection headsets that offer noise
reduction of up to 24 dB and an ear set
selection that can accommodate all
applications. Most of Telex headsets feature
a new flexible boom arms, comfortable
cushions and can be  terminated in either 4 or
5 pin male/female, aviation connectors or
purchased without termination.   

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