Broadband Wireless Solutions

Goldtec Technologies has vast experience in wireless projects. This enables us to provide customers with advanced mobile or fixed wireless solutions, tailor made to the specific need and environment. 

The Goldtec wireless department specializes in RF design, by using spectrum analyzers and real time bandwidth calculation. This is in addition to high level deployment of a  variety of wireless solutions. We do so by maintaining a closed partnership with the worldwide leader vendors.  

Goldtec’s Broadband wireless solutions include:

  • Wi-Fi – Deploying fix 2.x GHz to 5.x GHz wireless radio unit for transferring long distance security video camera  communication
  • IP Backhauling – Microwave backhaul for connecting base stations
  • MESH - provide dynamic and cost effective connectivity over a certain geographic area
  • Wireless Mobility Solutions – transferring voice / video and data while vehicle or tank is in movement up to 120kph   
  • VHF / UHF – Deploying and customizing unlicensed frequencies for very long distance (hundreds of Kms.) with low bandwidth (B.W)