Tactical Mobile CMS

Mobile CMS is a professional High-End SWAT Teams Wireless monitoring system which allows transmitting live video from the field to the command and control station in urban environment. The transmitting range is up to 1200 meters in urban areas.  
Transmitting the Point of view of the operated soldiers in the fighting zone allowing the commanders real-time monitoring of the on going operation. 
Goldtec’ Tactical Mobile CMS Benefits: 

  • Night vision camera with active and invisible IR Illumination
  • Local recording on the back pack 
  • Short range transmitter for the hand held monitor of the second person in the group
  • Military grade encryption of the video transition
  • Long range of live video transmitting in urban environment by COFDM technology
  • Mobile CMS for up to 4 cameras simultaneously 
  • Low power transmitting power 0.5W but still keep effective range of up to 1200m 
  • Low power consumption
  • Light and easy to carry 
  • User friendly, no prior knowledge needed to operate the system. Just turn it ON