Masts and Towers Systems

Goldtec Technologies provides electrical-telescopic, mechanical and pneumatic masts and towers systems to support a wide range of applications.

The product design and development programs of our well known manufacturers  ( Teklite - Clark Masts Teksam, SIT-ITAS, Tower Solutions, Rolatube ...)  assure  our customers benefit of the latest and best materials and processes. All  this  without sacrificing any of the proven traditional qualities, which have been developed  over many years, through continual testing and development work.

One of our many advantages is our manufacturer's intensive in-house design and manufacturing capability for various masts and tower systems. This not only  allows us to control every aspect of production and quality control, but also allows us to offer a tailor made design when required.

The masts and towers systems we provide, have found their place in many different applications. When you ask us for an electrical-telescopic, mechanical or pneumatic masts or towers system, you can rest assured that the product will bring faultless performance for many years. Eventually, when service is needed, Goldtec Technologies supplies it with our well trained technical staff.    

We supply electrical telescopic masts and towers systems for various heights from 2,000 mm to 50,000 mm and for various load weight from 2kg to 900kg. Our mechanical and pneumatic masts reach various heights and are based on various technologies and materials (Foldable - rollup, telescopic, field  assembled, etc.) for heights from 900mm to 40,000 mm and for various load weight from 2kg to 350kg. 

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