Acoustic Hailing Systems

HyperSpike is battlefield tested by the US Army and deployed around the world with various militaries, multi-national corporations, police, fire, and first-responders.

From the hand-held HS-Micro to the powerful HS-40, HyperSpike products deliver unparalleled acoustic energy  and clarity. Reach out and communicate with the directional Acoustic Hailing Devices or use their high volume as a less lethal weapon.

The HyperShield - Acoustic Crowd Control Shield combines a light-weight AHD into a carbon fiber crowd control shield specifically  designed for communication amidst chaos. The Shield turns 140 dB of acoustic  energy into meaningful commands and deterrent tones.
Gain control over the situation and dictate its course. 

Acoustic Hailing Devices are highly-directional speakers. AHDs focus sound into cohesive beams. AHDs are ideal for maritime hailing, law enforcement ,military operations, and infrastructure protection.  
HyperSpike's IP Command and Control capabilities allow any HyperSpike unit to be controlled remotely across an existing network. HyperSpike has wired and wireless solutions available.

The HyperSpike HS Audio Optimizer Software is available free with every HyperSpike unit. It is an easy- o-use software package that takes existing pre-recorded or on-site recorded messages and optimizes them for maximum acoustic performance.

Each HyperSpike is customizable for focused mission-accomplishment. Accessories are available to augment and enhance HyperSpike units. 

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