Water Jet Cutting

With the water abrasive suspension (WAS) cutting process almost all materials can be cut with the aid of a high pressure water jet and sharp-edged abrasive. This specialized technology is used both in air and underwater in the deactivation of munitions, the offshore industry, and also in industrial plants and nuclear power stations where there is a risk of explosion.

The WAS cutting system is perfect of EOD and other explosive areas, and has already been implemented in Israel via Goldtec Technologies. Many  special purpose machinery solutions have already been implemented in the areas  of automation, robotics and handling technology for automotive suppliers, chemical and medical companies. ANT has designed and built remotely- perated manipulation systems (robots, master-slave systems) for the nuclear power stations at  Karlsruhe, Kahl and Würgassen. More and more frequently today intelligent electronics and robotics are being linked with kinetic tasks particularly for the very diverse applications of WAS technology. Sensitive surroundings as for example in refineries, radio-active areas and also under water have challenged ANT towards the further development and optimizing of automation technology.

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