Portable X-Ray Systems

Vidisco’s portable X-ray inspection systems are based on the thinnest imagers ever built, with Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Digital Detector Array. They can fit into tight places and provide razor sharp X- ray imaging, Packed into a single ruggedized case on wheels (or a backpack). 
The fastest and safest solution for security operators!

These systems are being used worldwide by law-enforcement and military organizations around the world for EOD and IED detection purposes, among other uses.  

Smart ICU (Imager control unit):

  • Rock solid & reliable
  • Powerful CPU: Fastest data transmission
  • Built in super fast wireless data transfer (proprietary protocol)
  • Built in wireless X-ray
  • Charging during AC operation
  • Fast charging - 80% charge completed in 1 hour
  • Digital info display
  • All weather design
  • Tripod mountable
  • Plug & Play with all Vidisco digital flat panels
Large imaging area: 222 X 222mm (RazorX), 260 X 320 mm (BlazeX), 342 X 432mm (FlashX)

  • Fastest & Safest: One approach, images in just one click! 
  • Truly Portable X- ayInspection System: Thinnest digital flatpanel available!  Simple to transport, easy to slide into difficult access areas.
  • Fully BatteryOperated: No changing of batteriesdown range ever! 5 to 6 hours of continuous work*. Charging during AC operation
  • Unrivaled Penetration: 1 mm of lead detected behind 60 to 80 mm of steel (achieved @ 25 cm distance with XRS-3)!*
  • Top Quality X-ray Imaging: 14 to 16 bit* images and 3.5 to 3.97 lp/mm resolution* 
  • Plug & Play: All Vidisco imagers share the same operationplatform 
  • Lower X-ray Dose for Greater Safety: Dramatically reduced exposure times and dose levelsincrease operator safety. System totally controlled from a safe distance
  • Wireless Solutions: Built in fast wireless 200 to 300m*. Special 750m longrange package, High powered wireless up to 1500m (line of sight). Separate Wireless X-rayunit
  • Robot Integration: No human approach, 100% operator safety! 
  • Unique Dual Energy Organic Detection: Vidisco (XR-DE) module provides automatic organic/inorganicdifferentiation with pulsed Golden X-ray sources

* Depending on the panel type: RayzorX / BlazeX / FlashX

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