Hook & Line Kits

For decades Allen-Vanguard has been the international leader in integrated Hook and Line (HAL) kits and systems, as well as related tools and equipment for EOD/IEDD operations. Our HAL kits range from light backpacks to heavy duty, with tripods for each. Alongside those are the EOD operator's non- agnetic, non-sparking tools and remote demolition  intiators and other tool accessories. Allen- anguard provides high quality and certified EOD hand tools, such as Dual Cap Crimpers, Dual Initiators, EOD Multi-Tools, and more.

HAL Hook & Line Rigging Kits for Access, Handling & Removal of IEDs: 

The HAL Hook & Line System is based on two General Service Hook and Line (Rigging) kits supported by four specialty  kits for operations focused on Access, Vehicles, Buildings and Heavy Duty tasks. Two innovative tripods provide essential lifting capabilities. All the rigging kits can be fully integrated with each other and are offered with world-renowned expert-level training services. 

All Allen-Vanguard HAL components carry a limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.   

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