Bomb Suits

EOD Bomb Disposal, UXO, Demining, and even SWAT operators worldwide trust Allen-Vanguard’s Med-Eng protective bomb suits, EOD tactical suits, helmets, visors, footwear and hand protectors. All Med-Eng equipment is developed through extensive research testing programs and  input from end users. Allen-Vanguard also offers leading CBRNe personal protective equipment (PPE).  It's the brand you know and trust.

Med-Eng Personal Protective Equipment for EOD/IEDD:

EOD Bomb suits and helmets for superior protection, superior functionality, and ergonomic design. All Med-Eng equipment  is developed through research testing programs and input from end users. It's the brand you trust. 

Med-Eng EOD Tactical Suit:

The EOD Tactical is a highly versatile and lightweight suit for Military EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians supporting  SWAT teams/bomb squads. It protects against blast and fragmentation in ‘non-permissive’ environments where it is not possible or practical to wear a full scale, heavy bomb suit.

The Med-Eng EOD Tactical is based on a set of modular components that can be added or removed to meet specific operational and protective requirements.  Components cover the Chest, Shoulders, Upper and Lower Arms, Groin, Upper and Lower Legs. It integrates with Tactical and Combat helmets and the Med-Eng CPE 450 Visor.

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