Pyrotechnical Components

Satellites delivered into orbit, precision-guided weapons facing one shot / one kill requirements, pilots ejecting under critical circumstances—these are energetic components and systems at work. Such systems require minimal collateral damage. They require solutions optimized for performance, weight, cost, and size. This is the world of EBA&D aerospace products.

Represented by Goldtec Technologies, EBA&D has served the aerospace community since the earliest days of strategic missile and launch vehicle technology. 

Linear Shaped Charge was first manufactured by EBA&D in 1957, and remains a core separation, severance, and flight termination  component. EBA&D’s explosive signal transfer lines are the standard in the US launch vehicle industry.
EBA&D products are used on essentially all US launch vehicle fairing separation systems, as well as motor ignition and booster separation.

Aerospace products include: System Initiation, Explosive Signal Transfer, Stage and Payload Fairing Separation, Monitor Ignition, Flight Termination Systems, Release Mechanisms & Dispensing Systems, Warheads & Warhead Components and Crew Egress  Systems. 

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