Plastic Bonded Explosives

Represented by Goldtec Technologies, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace&Defense (EBA&D) Company is a leading provider of Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX) to the aerospace and defense industries.

EBA&D's staff of scientists and engineers have extensive experience in the scale up and production of PBX products to meet MOD/DOD, aerospace and commercial requirements as well as developmental and specialty applications. 

No matter what the use, the products are designed to meet customer specifications in an efficient and cost-effective way. With a team of experienced chemists and technical personnel, as well as a diverse array of high-tech processes and analytical instrumentation, EBA&D are well established as experts in the field of energetic materials. 
Application: Plastic Bonded Explosives are used in various forms such as Sheet, Detonating Cord, Paste, and Pressing Powders.

Description: Plastic Bonded Explosives commonly referred to as PBX generally consist of a PETN, RDX or HMX base explosive, plasticizers and binders resulting in a less  sensitive, water-proof explosive. 
Manufacturing Capabilities: EBA&D's PBX manufacturing facility is located on a 1100 acre site in Graham, Kentucky. It consists of central processing  areas for mixing, extruding, cutting, explosive warehousing and various Load Assemble and Pack (LAP) areas. EBA&D manufactures over 200,000 pounds of  PBX products annually and can accommodate projects in the development, scale upor production phase. Some capabilities are:
  • Precision Roll Milling
  • Hydro-Cutting 
  • Extrusion

PBX Development Lab—EBA&D maintains a core capability in PBX development for new, improved, modified and specialty PBX products to meet our customer's  needs. EBA&D have successfully developed custom pressing and cast-cure  powders as well as emulsion coating processes and IM explosives including:    
  • PBXN-301 (Navy IM
  • Various Composition A Explosives
  • Polyurethane Based Low Velocity Sheet Explosive
  • PBXW-17 (IM Qualified Explosive)

PBX Mixing and Extruding—EBA&D produces various PBX products in a batch process ranging from five to one thousand pounds to reduce waste and provide for developmental and low rate production for new products.

Through the precision roll milling, extrusion and hydro-cutting they can  accommodate most design configurations from blocks and sheet to strips and tubes and maintain  high dimensional tolerances for Reactive Armor applications.

PBX Products:

  • Primasheet® 1000 (PETN, MIL-E-46676A)
  • Primasheet® 2000 (RDX, MIL-E-46676A)
  • Primasheet® 3000 (HMX Based)
  • LF-2 (Reactive Armor application)
  • ACETM Advanced Cutting Explosive (OES-0006)
  • SOB® Slip On Boosters (MIL-E-46676A), NAVSEA DWG 6545554
  • Explosive Paste (Extrudable C-4 Like Explosive)
  • KYX Blocks (RDX Based)
  • IM Explosives
  • PBXN-10
  • PAX-1 and 2
  • PBXN-8
  • YJ05 — cast cure
  • C4
  • MK 75 Hose charge