Initiation Devices

Being a market leader in Non-Electric Initiation Systems since 1986, EBA&D understands the paradigm changes of military doctrine and the usefulness of shock tube technology to fulfill mission readiness.

As users evaluate their requirements against the growing threats of the future, shock tube initiation fulfills the role once occupied by electric initiators. It also provides enhanced safety, reliability and utility to the end user. 

EBA&D employs system design tools to deliver fully integrated Non-Electric Initiation Systems. EBA&D developed an understanding of customer requirements through a cooperative process, incorporating competencies of design, development, and manufacturing, delivering complete solutions. 
Amongst the EBA&D non-electric initiation systems, offered by Goldtec Technologies, are such products as Shock Tube Initiators, Integral Firing Devices, Lead-In-Lines, Non-Electric Detonators,Non-Electric Accessories, Delay Detonating Elements and Machine Gun Simulators.   

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