Goldtec Technologies Ltd. is an Israel based manufacturer, agent, distributer and integrator of technological systems. Our subsidiaries include Goldtec Multimedia, Military DVRs and Thermal

The company was founded in 1989 and operates in five business fields: 
Military & Security, Communication Solutions, Automotive, Energy and Industrial. Goldtec does so in two complementary and integrated ways: Goldtec operates as an authorized reseller of technological devices and products manufactured by companies located throughout the world.

It also operates as a provider of turnkey solutions, adapting technical adjustments on these products and tailoring for our  customers specifications.  

Fields of Expertise:

Amongst our most prominent fields of activity are HLS, Robotics, Masts (autonomous, pneumatic and portable or mobile), Automotive Systems and Optical & Illumination devices. Currently, we operate as one of the major vendors for various Israeli security forces and Israeli defense industries. We also operate as an international vender for security forces in countries which maintain trade relations with the state of Israel.

In the Security and Defense field, Goldtec is typically well known for having a different concept than other companies. That is due to  the fact that we usually focuses on high end – innovative solutions, tailor  made to best serve our customers.    

Goldtec is ISO 9001:2000 certified.